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First Words

Welcome to Texture Library 4.0. You might know the old library at This edition will continue the tradition. Version 4.0 brings new features, such as texture detail pages, multiple demo scenes per texture, and extended texture browsing capabilities.

Important note: This version of the library is in beta state and therefore still under construction. It will be completed step by step. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas or comments.

Who This Library Is For

This library is for anyone who uses POV-Ray, anyone who recently discovered POV-Ray, and anyone who wants to know something about textures. If you just want to enjoy colorful images, feel free to do so.

What This Library Is About

This library lists and displays all POV-Ray standard textures. Each texture is shown in different image situations and from different angles. Later we will also present custom textures made by POV-Ray users.

Texture Library helps anyone to choose the right texture for own scenes or at least give a rough guideline how a nice texture can look like.

What This Library Is Not

This library is not suitable for anyone, who looks for webpage background images or wants to use bitmap based textures in graphics programs. You can get an inspiration but you cannot use the displayed textures directly.

How Can I contribute?

Texture Library is mainly intended for sharing textures and information about textures. You are more than welcome to send your textures to us. We will incorporate them into the library and offer downloads for other users. Please check the contribution page.