Special Copyright Information for Texture Library


All information from the contact- and copyright information page also apply to this section of the website. Please read it carefully.

Additional Copyright for Texture Library

Textures and Texture Library

  • All textures and the library can be used at no charge for private and commercial purposes.
  • Redistribution for commercial purposes requires a written permission by the respective authors.
  • It is permitted to derive own work from any texture and use it for any purpose, including commerical redistribution. The original author of the original texture has to be credited for using his/her work.
If you have any questions, please contact the author directly. All standard POV-Ray textures are covered by the POV-Ray license.
This website and its author shall not be liable for any copyright violations caused by using downloaded texures or/and following instructions on these pages.

If you contribute textures to this library, you agree to the copyrights listed above. By contributing a texture, the author grants the non-exclusive right of publishing of a texture to the author of Texture Library. This also includes the right to offer a download of the texture and texture library to the public.

Demo Scenes

All demo scenes, except the radiosity demo, are copyrighted by Rene Schwietzke. The radiosity demo scene is a modified POV-Ray 3.5 example scene.


Please do not link into the library directly because it is updated regularly, features or appearance might change. Please link to the main page instead (http://www.rene-schwietzke.de/povray/texlib/index.html).

Usage Fees

The library can be used at no charge.