How can I contribute to the Texture Library?

Texture Library main goal is not the demonstration of all standard deployed textures, its main goal is the sharing of custom textures made by POV-Ray users. Therefore we want to encourage you to send us your textures. It does not matter if you are an advanced user or just a beginner. Each texture is unique and worth to share.

Requirements for the contribution

If you would like to contribute one or more textures to the library, please build a well commented texture include file. Give it a unique name, that identifies your file and avoids collisions with other files. Additionally the following information are required for each texture. Just put it as comment above the texture declaration.

  • Name of the texture
  • A short verbal description
  • Name of the author
  • Your website address
  • Suggested categories
  • Type of texture (plain, layered, patterned)
  • Is the texture reflective?
  • Is the texture transparent?
  • Does the texture use the normal feature?
  • Main colors of the texture

Where to send?

Please send the texture as zipped include file to the address shown on the website's copyright page.